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A patient with postpolio syndrome developed cauda equina syndrome after neuraxial anesthesia: A case report - -2017 Tseng WC, Wu ZF, Liaw WJ, Hwa SY, Hung NK ABSTRACT - 04/19/2017
Assessment of energy expenditure in individuals with post-poliomyelitis syndrome - -2017 Pereira RD, Silva TM, Quadros AA, Orsini M, Schmidt B, Silva HC, Oliveira AS ABSTRACT polio - 04/19/2017
Combined tibial lengthening and ankle arthrodesis for patients with certain type of sequelae of poliomyelitis - -2017 Wu CC. polio - 04/19/2017
Design, construction, and evaluation of "sensor lock": an electromechanical stance control knee joint. - -2017 Arazpour M, Ahmadi Bani M, Baniasad M, Samadian M, Golchin N. ABSTRACT polio - 04/19/2017
Femur lengthening with monoplanar external fixator associated with locked intramedullary nail - -2017 Fernandes HP1, Barronovo DG1, Rodrigues FL1, Hono M1. ABSTRACT polio - 04/19/2017
Physical activity and exercise for chronic pain in adults: an overview of Cochrane Reviews. - -2017 Geneen LJ, Moore RA, Clarke C, Martin D, Colvin LA, Smith BH. [ABSTRACT] polio - 04/19/2017
Relationship of depression and medications on incidence of falls among people with late effects of polio - -2017 Da Silva CP, Zuckerman B, Olkin R ABSTRACT - 04/19/2017
Solace in Solidarity: Disability Friendship Networks Buffer Well-Being.\ - -2017 Silverman AM, Molton IR, Smith AE, Jensen MP, Cohen GL. ABSTRACT polio - 04/19/2017
The treatment of fatigue by non-invasive brain stimulation - -2017 Lefaucheur JP, Chalah MA, Mhalla A, Palm U, Ayache SS, Mylius V. ABSTRACT polio - 04/19/2017
Treatment with L-citrulline in patients with post-polio syndrome: study protocol for a single-center, randomised, placebo-controlled, double-blind trial - -2017 Schmidt S, Gocheva V, Zumbrunn T, Rubino-Nacht D, Bonati U, Fischer D, Hafner P. ABSTRACT - 04/19/2017

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