Anti-Spam and Ferreting out sending email addresses

If you are the target of spam or email abuse, save all correspondence and forward it, with FULL HEADERS, to the abuse, support, postmaster and root addresses of the abuser's provider. It's best not to engage these abusers personally in any way. Use the information from the following files to read headers and track down the senders' providers.

Almost all of these files deal with anti-spam, but do offer the ability to often track down the real sender of an email via a web based emailer.

Be very careful of the implied promises you give your subscribers. If you indicate that you can vet and verify all subscribers, you are setting yourself and your list host up for some potential liability problems and setting your subscribers up with a false sense of security, because you just can not verify the true identity of all subscribers to your list. For an excellent file on this go to: ListOwner as Protector?

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