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  1. POST-POLIO-MED: is an open forum for questions and answers to and from post-polio syndrome researchers, physicians and other post-polio syndrome medical professionals, polio Survivors, family, friends, students and others who are interested in post-polio syndrome. This includes, but is not limited to: questions, answers and information about post-polio syndrome research, clinical issues, clinical trials and current treatment practices; support group, newsletter and other PPS related announcements. To subscribe to Post-Polio-Med send an e-mail to:
    Posts to the list are for subscribers only, archived and searchable and can be accessed from the following link: Post-Polio-Med Web Page

  2. BLUEROLLER'S PPS SUPPORT: Nothing but spam on this list now.

  3. BRANSONGOERS: - Changed to PostPolioBransonGoers, This list is for polio survivors and spouses; friends or significant others who want to join the fun with our "chosen family" at our 14th annual get-together/reunion in Branson, Missouri (USA) June 8-10, 2012. This is not a convention or seminar, but a time to make new friends, visit with old ones, learn what PPS symptoms others are experiencing and how they're coping, share information, get LOTS of hugs, and laugh so much your sides might hurt. Sometimes we have speakers; some past topics have been service dogs, orthotics, and physical therapy. In 2003, one of our members was married at the reunion and, in 2009, another couple renewed their wedding vows. We ALWAYS laugh, hug, eat, learn from one another and have a wonderful time! Come join our fun! And check out our website at -- there's a ton of information, many links to PPS information and pictures from all of our reunions.Please understand this is private list. As polio suvivors, family and friends, we all understand the need of privacy and we will protect privacy rights to the best of our ability.

    Subscribe by sending an email to or via the group's web page:

  4. BRITISH POLIO FELLOWSHIP'S LATE EFFECTS OF POLIO/PPS Forum: Online PPS Bulletin Board. Open to the public, registration not required.

  5. CHRISTIAN_POSTPOLIO_SUPPORT: Where polio survivors can come together in Christian love and fellowship-- sharing and caring for one another.

    To subscribe send an email to: or go to the web form on

  6. CIPPSG: (was TheSupportPost) .. the Central Indiana Post-Polio Support Group email list .. has been discontinued.

  7. CTPOLIOOUTREACH: - The Polio Outreach of Connecticut has discontinued their email list.

  8. CULEBRES2001 - No Longer exists

  9. EURO-POLIO: - Support group for post polio sufferers in Europe to discuss matters and provide support for one another. To subscribe send an email to: or go to the web form on

  10. ELDERLYTEENS: - This is a place for elderly teenagers with Polio to chat, offer advice and just know we're not alone.
    To subscribe send an email to: or go to the web form on

  11. FOR_OUR_HEALTH: - Private group for survivors of Post Polio Syndrome who seek to better their health and diet through the best possible means for themselves. This is not limited to diet alone. This list is to enlighten, encourage and to help motivate each other. Natural methods for dieting and health concerns are welcomed here for discussion. Please refrain from negative statements and be tolerant of others who may express a different view from your own.
    To subscribe send an email to: or go to the web form on, listowner:

  12. HEALTHBOARDS'S POST-POLIO BULLETIN BOARD: Online PPS Bulletin Board and email list. Arhives open to the public. To register go to:

  13. INFOPOLIO - Post Polio Syndrome Resources - Polio/PPS Information and The late effects of polio. Resources for people who have Post Polio Syndrome (PPS), with a lot of joke and religious posts.

  14. LISTAPOSTPOLIO: - "Grupo sobre el síndrome post-polio Lista de discusión no moderada sobre la polio y el síndrome post-polio para recibir y aportar información contribuyendo a la difusión de este problema, intercambiando ideas y acelerando la búsqueda de soluciones y paliativos de los múltiples problemas que conlleva. To subscribe a blank e-mail to: or use the form on

  15. MAY12: The purpose of this list is to serve as a communication link for members of the "May 12th Coalition", a group of people representing mostly patients with CFIDS/CFS/M.E., Fibromyalgia, and R.E.D.D. (RNase-L Enzyme Dysfunction Disease), but also open to those with other neuro-immune-pain syndromes such as Post-Polio Syndrome, Gulf War Syndrome, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, Lupus, and Multiple Sclerosis. May 12th is International CFIDS/M.E. Awareness Day, or in some places in the U.S. CFIDS/FMS day; or a day for recognizing the significance of the cluster of diseases that fall under the generalized umbrella of neuro-immune disorders. The May 12th Coalition will use the list to plan a national rally at the Capitol Building in Washington D.C. within a week of May 12th (the date to be decided), as well as to help plan local activities, letter-writing campaigns, media campaigns, etc. All interested in working on May 12th activities are welcome, but you will be asked to fill out a brief form providing information about your interests in the Coalition. Listowner Mary Schweitzer,
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  16. MDSQUESTIONS: WARNING: Has become a group full of spams. A friendly site where professionals can post questions and or answers to the MDS/PPS dilemma. HAS BECOME A SPAMHAUSE

  17. MULTIPLE HEALTH PROBLEMS: - Open to anyone suffering from chronic health problems and/or multiple health problems, including, but not limited to diabetes, post-polio, chronic pain, etc
    To subscribe send a blank e-mail to: or use the form on

  18. NAPPSO: -National Adult Post Polio Support Organization. Yahoo and Google email lists: A National Support Group for Adults with Post Polio Syndrome. Hence the name National Adult Post Polio Support Organization. The primary purpose of this group is to provide assistance, comfort and understanding, information, and direction to those suffering with the many ailments associated with Post Polio Syndrome. P.P.S. is a disease which attacks Polio Survivors everywhere. The effects are most often misdiagnosed by most of the Medical Profession. The victims are often left thinking they are out of their minds or just have very vivid imaginations. They need a place to go where people will listen and understand what they are dealing/suffering with. People who can suggest Doctors and Clinics where they can go for the proper care and assistance they need and deserve. This will be a STRESS FREE place where EVERYONE can get this type of support but, also have someone to whom they can vent their frustrations without fear of repercussions. The people they will be talking to will understand fully because they too, having P.P.S. themselves,have already been through what these people are going through. They will know how many of them have dealt with simular situations. The entire body of members will be made up of individuals who have P.P.S. and are wanting to share with each other their problems as well as their solutions; discovered throught their own experiences and Doctors;to such a large variety of ailments. The subjects which are not allowed to be discussed,on the Bulletin Board or in the Chat Room, will be Politics,and Devotees. We feel everyone is entitled to have their Own Beliefs on these subjects but, these WILL NOT be subjects for discussion on an open forum such as this.

    All membership applications will be Monitored and all Message Posting will be Moderated. The Chat Room will always have a Moderator or Chat Host there when open, to be sure that all Rules and Regulations are adhered to. All persons with P.P.S. are Invited to JOIN NAPPSO
    To subscribe to the yahoo list send a blank e-mail to: or use the form on
    To subscribe to the google list use the form on

  19. NDPPolioandPostPolioCaucus - NOTE: as of 12-16-05 this group all but dead.. no posts since 2004. "This list is for the Polio or Post Polio Caucus. This is one many different disability caucus of the National Disability Party. This list only for people with Polio or Post Polio. " For the entire list of caucuses go to"

  20. OKPOLIOGROUP - This group's purpose is to offer support and share information on doctors, therapists, equipment, coping skills etc., in the state of Oklahoma. We have a local support group, Polio Survivors of Oklahoma Inc., which has recently been reactivated. We meet on the 4th Saturday of the month. If you would like more information contact me via email ( or simply post your request here and I will get back to you. I look forward to getting to know each of you and meeting up with some old friends. My name is Linda and my husband and I live in Oklahoma City. So please join us! We need people from all around the state that can share what they know about doctors and therapists in their area. Those of us in the major metro areas do not know which doctors to refer people to in places like Stigler or Woodward, etc. We need your help and input. It does not have to be experts in Polio but many people need a family doctor that knows Post-Polio is a fact and can be an issue in survivors' health care. Welcome, and I hope we can help each other. NOTE: I ask is that politics be left out of discussions. I belong to a number of other groups and the subject of politics has caused many problems on in those groups. And of course being adults I am sure I will not have to remind everyone to be repectful of one another. Remember we are here to help each other.

  21. OMODChapterChat - The yahoo group closed 28 Feb. 2007. Finally a place just for OMOD Post Polio Chapter volunteers to chat (via email)with each other, learn from each other and share ideas. Subscribe to the google group: via email
    via the group's web page

  22. P-LIFE: - List no longer up

  23. POLIO Once the only PPS forum on the internet, started back in '95 by Bob Mauro, RIP. A social, chat group with some PPS information going through it. To subscribe to Polio send an e-mail to:

  24. POLIOCANADA-E: was formerly PoliOntario.. "Like our 60 post polio support groups all over Canada - this online forum provides information, support and encouragement.

    (Polio Canada, and its National Polio Survivors Network will be working hard to raise awareness about PPS in Canada. The national program will educate and inform health care professionals and polio survivors, offering them resources on the late effects of polio and post-polio syndrome. The program will continue to provide assistance to existing support groups and will establish new ones across Canada, in rural areas and within ethnic communities where there is a need. The program is funded in part by Health Canada, through its Population Health Fund.

    For information about the group in your region call 1-800-480-5903 or visit the Polio Canada Web site at Polio Canada is the leading service provider of education, information and peer support to polio survivors across Canada.

    To subscribe, send an email to: or go to:

  25. POLIOCANADANEWS: Polio Canada News is a forum brought to you by - this forum is restricted to postings on News and Information related to Polio and Post Polio Syndrome.
    To subscribe, send an email to: or go to the web form:

  26. POLIO-COM - öffentliche Diskussionsliste für Jedermann mit Bezug zur "Polio Initiative Europa e.V."

  27. POLIOFRIENDS - "A group for all polio survivors to share support and friendship.This group is strictly moderated for the comfort of it's members."

  28. POLIO-GROUPS - "This group is currently 'mothballed' "The purpose of Polio-Groups is to provide a place on the Internet where polio survivors can obtain polio support group information, such as newsletters, meeting schedules and special projects that may be in the process of being worked on by several support groups. To subscribe send an e-mail to: with nothing or only a . in the SUBJECT: area and in the message body. The List's archives, closed to all but subscribers, can be found at: Listed owner is Chris Salter

  29. POLIOHISTORY - "A place to share stories and resources about the history of polio; from the epidemics, to the vaccines, to post polio syndrome, to eradication."
    To subscribe send a blank e-mail to: with nothing or only a . in the SUBJECT: area and in the message body.

  30. POLIOKID - WARNING: Has become a bit of a spamhause. Almost all the posts to this list are spam now.

  31. POLIO-LIFE: Rest in Peace. 2nd oldest PPS related email list on the internet is no more.

  32. POLIO-NETWORK-LINCS: A private forum for Lincolnshire Polio Network Members? Archives closed to all but subscribers. To subscribe send an email to:
    LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM with the following command in the message body:
    subscribe polio-network-lincs YourFirstName YourLastName This list has been made "confidential".

  33. POLIO_ONLINE - Ohio Polio Network Support Group. No longer online

  34. POLIONTARIO: See PolioCanada-e

  35. POLIOPEOPLE - NOTE: This yahoo list seems to have become a list of spam and religious postings. "Hi my name is Kerry and I am a polio survivor. I would like to meet anyone either in the same position as me or just to become friends. "

  36. POLIO-PPS-NEWS - This list will be for the posting of news (old and new) concerning polio and pps only. They will be posted in no specific order. Whenever we find news articles and/or stories we will post them in hopes of helping others. if you have articles or stories you would like posted, please send them to the list owner. Subscribe by sending a blank email to or going to the group web page: http:/

  37. POLIOSAKKI - "Poliosakki on vertaistukiryhmä suomalaisille polioselviytyjille. Pohdimme porukalla, miten menestyä elämän shakkipelissä poliota ja erityisesti postpoliota vastaan. Eli puhelemme kaikesta polioselviytymiseen liittyvästä. Jotta keskustelu olisi helppoa jahuoletonta, ryhmässä käytyjen keskustelujen sisältöä ei välitetäulkopuolisille missään muodossa. Poikkeuksena ovat omat asiatja mielipiteet, joita jokainen saa kertoa vapaasti. " Subscription:

  38. POLIOSOCIETY: "The Polio Society is a non-profit D.C Corporation whose purpose is to serve the multiple needs of the Post Polio population in our area, particularly those who are experiencing the late and long-term effects of post-polio.. To subscribe go to the web form on:

  39. POLIOSURVIVORS: WARNING: This yahoo email list has become overrun with spam lately. "This is a group for survivors of Polio. It may include all those experiencing new weakness, pain, or other difficulties. Post Polio Syndrome is included. The purpose of this group is to help educate individuals and medical personnel about the problems and solutions that are common with this disease. All those who have experience in this area are encouraged to submit information or ask for information. This includes, professionals, survivors and caretakers.

  40. POLIOUK - "Welcome to the Leicestershire Post Polio Network. This group is for Polio sufferers to exchange information or their views among like minded individuals. The views expressed in the messages are not endorsed by PolioUK or the Leicestershire Post Polio Network. "
    Subscription: Leicestershire:

  41. POLIOWA - Self help group for polio survivors in Western Australia.. Email list is no longer available

  42. POLIO WARRIORS - NOTE: This list seems to have become a list of spam postings. This list is for the POLIO WARRIORS,their family and friends. Please post anything about yourself or someone you know that is a Polio Warrior. Share any health or medical news you have, and new updates on PPS Treatments,etc. Help us build a great online support group To subscribe send an e-mail to: with nothing or only a . in the SUBJECT: area and in the message body or use the form on the web page:

  43. POST-POLIO: .. WARNING: This list requires you give personal information to the listowner. When asked, either lie or ignore, there is no valid reason for demanding this kind of information. "A meeting place for discussions on Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS) and the effect on all our lives and lifestyles. No flaming or criticisms of medical or other individuals, providers, Lists, or facilities is allowed." This list has two sublists, a private sublist called "pps-intimacy" and another called "pps-chatter". To subscribe to Post-Polio go to the web form: The list's archives, available only to subscribers, can be found via the same web page. Owned by Tom McKeever.

  44. POSTPOLIO - Welcome to the HealthShare International Support Network's community for individuals affected by 'Post Polio.' Members are also invited to check out the HealthShare International's Support Community Center. Our community center is a gathering place for members interested in meeting new friends and sharing disease information and support with others from over 1200 different disease support groups Subscription:

  45. POSTPOLIO-AMIGOS - Spanish speaking: Compartir información sobre la polio y postpolio. To join this forum use the form on

  46. POSTPOLIOGROUP - El Síndrome Postpolio - o efectos tardíos de la polio - es un grupo de síntomas progresivamente invalidantes que en algunas personas aparece décadas más tarde después de haber contraido la enfermedad. Estos síntomas - dolores articulares y musculares, fatiga general y debilidad - son parecidos a los comunmente asociados a otras enfermedades tales como la artritis, fibromialgia, síndrome de fatiga crónica y escoliosis. Subscription:
  47. POST-POLIO-LIFE - This yahoo list no longer exists

  48. POSTPOLIOONLINEPEERSUPPORT - This yahoo list no longer exists

  49. PostPolio OtherHalves - This group is for supporters(spouses, family members, or friends) of those that are suffering from the late effects of Polio. The purpose is to allow a forum to discuss problems, fears, and concerns they are faced with each day in dealing with their loved ones postpolio. The majority of our members have spouses that are members of our main group PostPolio Bransongoers. We meet each year in Branson, MO. Membership is by approval only.

  50. POST-POLIO-ROUNDS: Post-Polio Conditions Discussion for Medical Professionals. A private forum where Medical Professionals specialising in Post-Polio Conditions can exchange information and discuss all aspects of their work. Archives closed to all but subscribers. To subscribe to Post-Polio-Rounds send an email to:
    LISTSERV@HOME.EASE.LSOFT.COM with the following command in the message body:
    subscribe post-polio-rounds YourFirstName YourLastName This list has been made "confidential" disabeling the ability to subscribe.

  51. POSTPOLIOSYNDROME - Group pretty quiet, has had quite a bit of spam going through it. This room is open,and free,to all Polio Survivors, their caregivers, families,and friends of those now going through the various stages of Post Polio Syndrome. We are here to help, and discuss all the various aspects of Post Polio Syndrome If you have had Polio, are the caretaker of someone who has had Polio,or are a family member,or friend of someone who has had Polio, please feel free to register and chat with any of our members,or post to our Bulletin Board. If you have not had Polio,or have no affiliation with anyone who has had Polio,and are here simply out of curiousity,or to form a link from this site to another site,we ask that you please respect our right to privacy and refrain from joining this group. Unwanted attention,or those simply interested in making the acquaintance of men and women with disabilities are not welcome. We ask that new members please take a few moments to register, and let us know a little about yourself. This would include when, and where you had Polio,as well as whatever else you would like to share with our members, so we can post this to our bulletin board. We look forward to seeing you in our chats, and please bring all your questions to us, as we have a wealth of information we will share with you.If you have any problems registering as a member, please send an e-mail to , or any of our members, and we will guide you through the registration process. Subscription:

  52. Post-PolioandSurvivingOurLosses - This yahoo group no longer exists.

  53. POST-POLIO-SEQUELAE - This yahoo group no longer exists

  54. POSTPOLIOSYNDROMEUK - Post-Polio Syndrome UK. A group for people within the United Kingdom who have had polio and are now suffering the later effects. Let us climb the hill together. To join this group use the form on or send a blank email to:

  55. PPSOURDAILYJOYSANDSORROWS - This yahoo group no longer exists

  56. POST POLIO SUPPORT - Discussion, information exchange, and venting for Polio survivors and others interested in the syndrome such as spouses, friends partners, co-workers, etc. Including adaptive devices, fatigue, therapy, new technology and theories, meetings, etc. To join, use the form link off the group's main page:

  57. POSTPOLIOSURVIVORS_BRACESNWHEELCHAIRS - This yahoo group no longer exists

  58. POST_POLIO_SYNDROME: Open to all those affected physically or emotionally by PPS as well as all those with an interested in PPS whatever that interest may be. Support, chat, new medical info, etc. Just getting started here. All ages welcome if you want to know more about this condition or if you are a polio survivor with or without PPS or if you have someone in your life that deals with this. Seems to come as "digests" with email addresses of posters' removed.
    Subscribe by sending an empty email to or use the form on

  59. POST_POLIO_SYNDROME_IN_IOWA - Formation of a group of polio survivors, who are living in the area of Iowa. To bring support and help to those of use who now are experiencing Post Polio Syndrome. To subscribe send an e-mail to: with nothing or only a . in the SUBJECT: area and in the message body or use the form on the web page:

  60. POST-POLIO SYNDROME MUTUAL AID SOCIETY - This google group no longer exists

  61. PPRG_LIST: "The Post-Polio Resource Group of Southeastern Wisconsin (PPRG) was formed in 1985 by a group of polio survivors who were experiencing new symptoms of pain, weakness, fatigue, and breathing problems. PPRG's aim is to provide information and support to polio survivors and their families and to educate the medical community and the general public about post-polio syndrome(PPS). This list is one way we hope to further that aim. If you or someone you know had polio, we invite you to join. " "The Post-Polio Resource Group of Southeastern Wisconsin (PPRG) is trying something new. We are inviting friends and members to join a web-based discussion group so we can stay in closer contact with each other, wherever we are. Please let us know what you thlink of this service. Remember, the messages you send to the list will be for everyone on the list to read (but not available to others not signed up)." To subscribe a blank e-mail to: or use the form on

  62. PPS-CHATTER - Greetings! - This PPS List is a spin-off of the larger post-polio@yahoo list. It replaces the current "Off-Subject-Chit-chat" list: "" because of the pending loss of that Server. PLEASE keep PPS-Centric conversations ON the Main "post-polio@yahoo" to share with ALL the PPS folks, reserving this List for NON-PPS-related fun things and contests, puzzles, jokes, and that kinda stuff (No attached files, tho') Subscription:

  63. PPS-CG - Care Givers for those with Post-Polio-Syndrome, " A caregivers E-mail list ... for those who love and care for people with PPS. The purpose of this group is share experiences, questions, joys, and sorrows as we care for those who are suffering with this illness." To subscribe send an e-mail to: with nothing or only a . in the SUBJECT: area and in the message body or use the form on the PPS-CG web page:

  64. PPSG_EDITORS - "This group is for the discussion of purpose, approach, methods, and techniques of producing a newsletter or similar publication.", Moderated and Private
    Subscription: FIRST, email PPSG_Editors Listowner(s) and state what newsletter or similar PPS Publication you are affilated with and what email address he should look for, then send a blank message to:
    PPSG_Editors web page

  65. PPSERSAFRICA - This yahoo group no longer exists

  66. PPSersANDJESUS - This is an ADULT group. PSERSandJesus: Post Polio survivors share their love for Jesus and each other. To subscribe send an e-mail to: with nothing or only a . in the SUBJECT: area and in the message body or use the form on the PPSERSANDJESUS web page:

  67. PPS_INTIMACY - WARNING: Do NOT give personal information to people over the net unless you know them real well.. your safety is in YOUR hands. If asked, be very vague or even lie. The assumption of "safety" implied by such vetting is false.
    "members of the various Post-Polio-Syndrome groups ONLY. NO Fetishistics or Crip-lovers allowed and all new-membership posts will be subject to initial, but not permanent moderation for content germane to our unique situations as Polio Survivors. ... restricted-access group with initial-postings moderated to minimize unwelcome or youthful participants! (We are NOT listed under the "adult" YAHOO category, either). Moderator(s) will have final "say" in dealing with any unsettled or generally-offensive matters, complainers, foul-mouths, pornographic images/stories/postings, and all persistent deviations from this basic premise: "Keep it respectful and be considerate of all others in your use of this List ..."

  68. PPS_LIBRARY - "A place to find links and information on Post Polio Syndrome and the many things which may help. No attachments will be accepted. This is not for chat purposes, but for the centralization of materials found which may be of benefit to PPS and those interested in learning more. Most of the information has been found while searching through the web."

  69. PPSOURDAILYJOYSANDSORROWS - WARNING: Do NOT give personal information to people over the net unless you know them real well.. your safety is in YOUR hands. If asked, be very vague or even lie. The assumption of "safety" implied by such vetting is false and dangerous.
    "We are a group of polio survivors/family/friends who are interested in sharing and learning about post polio. But we also realize that pps has changed everything in our lives and want/appreciate the support of each other. To share both our hopes, dreams, and sorrows.

    Some emails may be long because we believe in allowing a person to vent and thats what we want to be here for. We also believe if you think an email is to long that is what the delete key is for.

    Our biggest rule is to be polite to others and no bashing of each other or doctors ect."
    Subscription: via email:
    via web:

  70. PPS_LIBRARY - "A place to find links and information on Post Polio Syndrome and the many things which may help. No attachments will be accepted. This is not for chat purposes, but for the centralization of materials found which may be of benefit to PPS and those interested in learning more. Most of the information has been found while searching through the web."

  71. PPS_TECH - "for requesting and submitting TECHNICAL information regarding Post-Polio Syndrome (PPS) and it's treatment, enabling equipment, diagnoses, coping methods, etc." [WARNING: DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE INTERNET.. FUDGE IF YOU HAVE TO!]

  72. PRIVATE-POLIO - A private e-forum for polio survivors who were abused as children either in the hospital or afterwards. This is certainly a very sensitive topic and so the forum is strictly confidential. Membership will not be open and people wishing to join the group will need to request to join. There are no archives of messages, you will not be able to go online to view old messages and there will not be a list of members available online.

    This forum is for survivors only and anyone subscribing should note that there will be no professional counsellor as a member of the group or therefore facilitating discussions. You should seek out a qualified professional counsellor to help you to come to terms with these memories from the past.

  73. PSA (Polio Survivors & Associates): This yahoo group no longer exists

  74. RINCON DE POST POLIO DE LM - This yahoo group no longer exists

  75. SAFEHAVENFORPPS - This yahoo group no longer exists

  76. SUBPARA-PPS: 'A forum for those with a "sub-paralytic" polio diagnosis now suffering PPS' To subscribe send a blank e-mail to: or use the form on
    listowner: steve@SSMY.FREESERVE.CO.UK

  77. THE STEALTH VIRUS SUPPORT GROUP - NOTE: There have been no posts through the group since 2004 as of 12-16-05. "Stealth Viruses" are viruses that have undergone a "Stealth" adaptation to avoid elimination and detection by the Immune System. "Stealth Virus" is a Simian Cytomegalovirus (SCMV) of the Herpes Family whose DNA sequencing can be traced back to the African Simian monkey whose kidney tissue has been used to grow the polio vaccine, and can cause a serious, chronic and persistent infection affecting many organs and systems, particularly the Central Nervous System.

    This support group for Stealth Virus victims will provide an opportunity for sharing individual Stealth Virus journeys; treatment protocols that are successful, or at least helpful; and hope for the future.

    Medical journal articles, publications, and presentations regarding Stealth Virus will be made available. All Medical Professionals and Research Scientists involved in the research,diagnosing, and treatment of the disease are welcome.

    In an attempt to keep the site as professional as possible, I'm asking that the message board remain a place of publication, presentation, and sharing of Stealth medical journeys and treatment protocols. I ask that all personal interaction remain in the chat room , and via personal e-mail.

    I am also asking that we all try to stay focused on Stealth Virus and the illnesses it is known to cause, as well as those we are discovering it to cause, without putting emphasis on any one illness.
    To subscribe send an empty e-mail to: or use the form on the page:

  78. TEMPOLIO - The purpose of TemPolio is to serve as a small, safe and supportive place where those dealing with polio/PPS can bring sensitive, tender, embarrassing, difficult, playful and wonderful feelings and questions. While "off topic" is NOT a category that will be used here, warfare (political, religious or any other kind) does not go well with "safe and supportive" Group members are asked to wage peace instead.
    or go to yahoo via the web and subscribe/unsubscribe there:

  79. YOUNG POLIO SURVIVORS GROUP - WARNING: Nothing but spams going through this group. "Hi! I'm Colin Robertson and I am a 16 year old polio survivor. I am setting this group up in the hope that it will stimulate the exchange of information on polio.
    To subscribe send an empty e-mail to: or use the form on the page:


  1. ADA-ACCESS: ADA Disability Access Issues Discussion. ADA-ACCESS will discuss, examine, and provide counsel on: physical access for people with disabilities; related architectural norms and practices; and modification of policies, practices, or procedures for access to programs, services, transportation, and facilities. This list will *not* attempt to cover juridicial, employment process, or compensation issues. These are better covered in ADA-LAW. The audience is those who develop, specify, implement, and use solutions for reasonable access and accommodation. Subscribers are expected to include: public sector officials such as building inspectors and town planners; architects and general contractors; non-profit agencies supporting people with disabilities such as independent living centers; members and staff of relevant public commissions or regulatory/legislative bodies; consultants in matters involving access; and individuals with disabilities. References to ADA - the Americans with Disabilities Act - are not meant to limit discussion only to matters arising from that legislation. We seek knowledge and greater awareness of comparable laws, regulations, and activities at lower levels (e.g., states and local jurisdictions) as well as in other countries. As a 'value added' service, subscribers' references to online resources (web sites and ftp files) will be collected and published as web page(s), the extent of indexing and frequency yet to be determined. To subscribe: send mail to:
    In the body of message: SUBSCRIBE ADA-ACCESS YourFirstName YourLastName

  2. ADA-LAW: Disability related legislation. To subscribe: send mail to:
    In the body of message: Subscribe ada-law YourFirstName YourLastName

  3. ADAPT-CAL - "The California ADAPT list. Both NoCal and SoCal ADAPT groups convene on ADAPT-CAL. Discussion and action list about disability rights, ADA compliance, Access Services, paratransit, IHSS, home care, MICASSA, accessible housing, visitability, Universal Design, assistive technology, accessible courtrooms, disability-related legislation, service animals, medical marijuana, biotech, euthanasia, advocacy, activism... In other words, everything about disability rights and disabilitarian politics. ADAPTors in California and wherever else they may be are very welcome to join us, both on the list, and in the streets, in our local ADAPT actions, and in national ADAPT actions. Come meet with us, eat with us, rally and protest with us.. It's our own list; let's use it to Free Our People! david howell , list facilitato" Subscription:

  4. ALDDIGEST: The Aging, Disability and Long Term Care Digest Newsletter Email List. To subscribe to AldDigest send an email to: or go to the web form on:

  5. ALL_ILLNESSES - "It Is The Founder's Intention That "All Illnesses" will become a main group and later there will be many more sub-groups under the heading of illnesses (such as in Yahoo! Clubs). The subgroups and people interested in joining this group are those afflicted with: Arthritis, Alopecia, Ataxia, Sleep Apnea, C.O.P.D., Asthma, Cancer Survivors, Polio Survivors, Fibromyalgia, Deafness, Blindness and MANY MORE! Let's Talk About Our Illnesses and Support each other. This group is open to all!"

  6. ASAP: The American Society for Action on Pain listserv. Subscribe by sending mail to
    containing the line: subscribe asap

  7. BEINGSICK - "A global community to support all of us who are struggling with illness, injury or disability. Created for the sufferrer, family, friends and carers. A place where you are free to be yourself and can share your frustrations about being sick, friendships, family, life, or anything! This group is your surrogate family. We live your life too. You are not alone. You are welcome to post in HTML, colours, send links, webpages, post poems or inspiration, send e-cards, jokes and chat in our own IRC #BeingSick channel at anytime! We are non-denominational, welcoming all races, religions and cultures. There are no flashing banner adds here! We know how tough life is being sick. And we care! " VERY LARGE LIST

  8. BERKLEY-DISABLED An email list for The Berkley Disability Community which can be used can be used for such purposes as: " Alerting people to any proposed changes in local laws or policies which might affect people with disabilities in Berkeley area; Announcing new services or changes in services being offered by various organizations; Requests or suggestions concerning housing, readers, housekeepers, attendants, etc.; Requesting references or information about particular individuals applying for work; Announcing various meetings; Discussing issues which affect people with disabilities living in Berkeley area and Asking for suggestions or solutions for problems.
    Subscribe by sending an empty email to or use the form on

  9. BLACKDISABLED: A group to discuss the unique experiences of African Americans with disabilities. We hope to facilitate more participation of African Americans in the disability rights movement, and to communicate a message of disability awareness to African American leaders and the Black media. The host of the forum is Greg Smith, who also hosts a national radio program in the US - On A Roll - Talk Radio on Life & Disability. Greg Smith Email:
    Subscribe by sending an empty email to or use the form on

  10. DISABILITY AWARENESS WORKING GROUP: To subscribe send email to:
    containing the line: subscribe daawg

  11. DISABILITY-CIVIL-RIGHTS: A national discussion group addressing the civil rights of people with disabilities.
    Subscribe by sending an empty email to or use the form on

  12. Disability Issues - GTA: This egroup is for anyone with a mobility disability who would like to get informed, stay informed, share ideas and opinions on issues that impact the lives of residents living in and around the Toronto area.
    Subscribe by sending an empty email to or use the form on

  13. DISABILITY-LINK: To promote open and informal dialogue on issues, obstacles, and opportunities for this unique population. Subscribe by sending email to
    containing the line: subscribe disability-link

  14. DISABILITYSEXUALITY: A safe environment for people with disabilities and their partners to discuss all aspects of disability and sexuality. Share your questions, experiences and problems with a wide range of members of all abilities. If you would like to join please send a short introduction describing yourself and saying why you would like to join. [WARNING: DO NOT GIVE OUT PERSONAL INFORMATION OVER THE INTERNET.. FUDGE IF YOU HAVE TO!] Personal ads will not be published.
    Subscribe by sending an empty email to or use the form on

  15. DISABILITYSTUDIES - If you are interested in understanding and sharing the histories of the disability communities and our gadgets including past mobilty aids. Then Welcome. Archives with Stories about real lives, struggles and sometimes deaths of members of the disability community AND Articles, reports and other media using inappropriate language to describe members of the disability community.
    Subscription: or use the form on the web page:

  16. DISINISSUES: A new list designed to exchange of information and advice about the process of applying for, appealing, and renewing disability insurance from private long-term disability insurors and the U.S. Social Security Administration. To subscribe: send mail to:
    In the body of message:
    SUBSCRIBE DISINISSUES YourFirstName YourLastName

  17. DISINISSUES-L - WARNING: is an adult group and appears to have become a list of spam postings. "The purpose of Disinissues-L is to share information and advice about the processes of applying for, appealing, and renewing Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI), Supplemental Social Insurance (SSI), and private long-term disability insurance.

    Disinissues stands for DIS-ability IN-surance ISSUES. It is targeted mainly towards those with invisible disabilities, particularly neuro-immune disorders such as CFIDS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), Fibromyalgia, R.E.D.D. (RnaseL Enzyme Dysfunction Disease), Lyme Disease, Multiple Chemical Sensitivities (MCS), Lupus, Rheumatoid Arthritis, M.S. (Multiple Sclerosis), Gulf War Syndrome (GWS), and Post Polio Syndrome (PPS).

    The list was created by and for patients; anyone who is not a patient with one of these conditions should identify himself/herself to the administrators of the list immediately and explain what their purpose is for being on the list. Anyone wishing to join this list who is not a member of the disabled community should identify himself/herself to the list administrators immediately and explain why they wish to belong. Otherwise, your presence is emphatically not welcome.

  18. EASI: Equal Access to Software and Information for the disabled To subscribe: send mail to:
    containing the line: subscribe easi firstname lastname.

  19. HWAWD: The Health, Wellness and Aging With Disability MODERATED mailing list that will alert you to news items,conferences, web sites, and publications that explore issues related to disability, health, wellness and aging. You will receive selected periodic mailings, typically once or twice a month. To subscribe send an email to:
    containing the line: subscribe hwawd

  20. INTIMACYFORTHEDISABLED: - Yes we are disabled and different, but for some reason it's hard for others to realize that we have the same needs that they do. Maybe it's time to change that myth about us. We're just as human as anyone else, and we also need the pleasures of intimacy. It's time for some serious talk about this and our needs for intimacy. I heard this, one day: "When a baby is born, if that baby is not held, touched and cuddled, that baby will die." (Not literally, I hope, I'm not really talking about sexuality. Intimacy can also be being held, being kissed, being touched in a caring way. To me, intimacy is more important than s*x alone. Then again, maybe it's just me and my feelings about this subject. This group is not about looking for s*x, paying for services, po*n or anything like that. If that's what you're looking for, there are plenty of other sites that can help you out. If you post this type of message here, you will be deleted from the group.
    To subscribe send an email to: or use the web form on or go to the web page:

  21. JUSTICE: - The Justice-For-All National E-Mail Network was formed to defend and advance disability rights and programs in the 104th Congress. One JFA goal is to work with national and state organizations of people with disabilities to get the word from Washington D.C. out to the grassroots.. To subscribe to JUSTICE send an email to: with "subscribe justice" in the message body. Justice For All Web Page.

  22. LETSGETTOGETHERDISABEDANDABLDBODY: - This is a no nonsence group for people that really want to meet up for friendship and maybe more later.. please don't join if you here to play games with people emotions.. flaming of members 2.You must have information on your yahoo profile must answer the main poll on this group..and be honest...
    To subscribe to LetsGetTogetherDisabedAndAbldBody send an empty email, with nothing in the subject: area to: or use the web form on

  23. MEDIGAP: - This list is for the purpose of discussing problems that persons with disabilities have in obtaining or retaining adequate medical insurance. Although the list was started to assist in gathering data to help lobby for disabled persons on Medicare who are currently being dropped by HMOs, we welcome discussions on ANY structural problems with medical insurance that create problems for persons with disabilities. To subscribe to MediGap send an empty email, with nothing in the subject: area to: or use the web form on

  24. MOBILITY:An electronic coffee house for persons with disabilities. Subscribe by sending an email to:

  25. RARE-DIS: Rare Diseases List Subscribe by sending an email to:

  26. STUDENTS FOR DISABILITY RIGHTS: To subscribe send an email to:
    containing the line: subscribe DisAbRgts

  27. TRACHYVENTLIST - This e-group is for people who have a trachy/ventilator and their family, friends & carers. A very laid back place to share experiences and ideas. Discussions don't all have to be "medically" either, just introduce yourself and lets get talking Unmoderated list, archives for subscribers only. To subscribe send an empty e-mail to: or use the form on the page:

  28. VENT-USERS MAILING LIST: The purpose of this list is to provide a forum for people who require a ventilator (repirator) to breathe to communicate with others who share the same condition. To subscribe to the Vent-Users mailing list send an email to:
    In the Subject:line type: subscribe

  29. WHEELCHAIRs - A place for wheelchair users, family members of wheelchair users, friends of wheelchair users, and carergivers and professionals who care for and about wheelchairs can discuss almost anything related to living in a wheelchairs. To subscribe send an empty e-mail to: or use the form on the Wheelchairs-Scooters web page:

  30. WHEELCHAIR_PEOPLE - For people in wheelchairs or disability to share anything from sports to their relationship with God. To subscribe send an empty e-mail to: or use the form on the Wheelchairs-Scooters web page:

  31. WHEELCHAIRS-SCOOTERS - dedicated to those who spend their time in an electric wheelchair or scooter. We will attempt to answer questions, have issues, and information for those interested. The main intention is to help electric wheelchair and scooter users get answers to problems or give adice to others with problems concerning the use of wheelchairs and scooters. Open membership, unmoderated list, archives for subscribers only. To subscribe send an empty e-mail to: or use the form on the Wheelchairs-Scooters web page:

  32. WHEELCHAIR_USERS - Wheelchair Users Forum To subscribe send an empty e-mail to: or use the form on the Wheelchairs-Scooters web page: