St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, Pawnee, OK
Father Desmond Okpogba

Every week for well over a year Father Desmond, who had been asked by the Bishop to say one Mass a month at St. John's, drove all the way from Tulsa to make sure St. John's had a weekly Mass. Week in, week out, snow, rain or sunshine, with few exceptions he blessed us with the holy sacrament of the mass.

IN APPRECIATION: Father Desmond, You will never know how much you have given St. Johns. Your enthusiasm, good humor, the joy of your Faith, your spiritual guidance and friendship and of course your presence here almost every Saturday for over a year to say Masses for us. You have not only kept this Church open, but also kept it alive, well and full of song and elation in Christ. You've shown us by your example and leadership what a “GOOD Catholic” should be. You are indeed an inspiration. THANK YOU! You will forever be firmly in our hearts and prayers, with gratitude and fondness.

Father Desmond
Father Desmond, in uniform, after Mass at St. John's
Father Desmond & His Dad

Father Desmond & His Dad, Daniel Okpogba, who was visiting from Nigeria after a potluck supper at St. John's, after Mass.
Father Desmond & Bishop Slattery

Father Desmond & Bishop Slattery in the Sacristy after our 100th Anniversary Mass.
Father Desmond & Bishop Slattery

Father Desmond & Bishop Slattery in the Church Hall after our 100th Anniversary Mass.

Born and raised in Nigeria, Father Desmond was Ordained Sept. 9th, 1989

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