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AOL 5.0 and Rich Text or Quoted-Printable Fix - send posts as straight text

How to send plain text using AOL V6.0:

  1. Change your global email preferences (only needs to be done once) this will allow you to make the choice in future emails
    • Go to "Keyword: Preferences" (or choose "Preferences" from the "Settings" menu on the AOL 6.0 toolbar).
    • Then click on "Font, Text, & Graphics Preferences".
    • Then click on the "Reset" button at the bottom of the resulting window. Do not make any changes in the Font Preferences area of the window.
    • Then Click on the Save button.

  2. Change a specific email to plain text (must be done for every email):
    • Compose and address an email.
    • Then click on "Select All" from the "Edit" menu to highlight the entire message.
    • Then, with the mouse arrow somewhere over the highlighted text, click the right mouse button, bringing up a small window.
    • Then, select "Normal" from the" Text" menu. If you make any changes to your message, you'll have to start over again.. if no changes made..
    • Then send your email.

Another version of these instructions:

  1. Make sure your font is set to Arial 10, the AOL default.

  2. Create a message using only default Arial 10 type. Any quoted text pasted in from another message must also be in Arial 10 type (no bold, italics, underlines,other sizes or colors). Note: if you paste a message that was received in HTML format, it will probably cause you to send in HTML [unless you complete the steps below?].

  3. Hit Control-A to highlight the entire message.

  4. Right click anywhere in the message itself: A 'popup menu' will appear. Move the cursor to "text" and another menu will appear. Move the cursor to "normal" and click on it.

  5. Send the message.

    If you get an error message simular to: "REQUESTED MAIL ACTION ABORTED: TOO MANY BODY PARTS" check to see if the subscriber is set to HTML DIGEST and if so, s/he may need to either set MIME and DIGEST NOHTML or check to see if s/he can rest the attachment limit for his/her email program.

    AOL automatically converts all attachments to MIME when you click on the "Attach" button. So don't use this button.

    Sending quotes in replies that contain full quotes including headers: Now and then a subscriber from AOL will send replies to the list by somehow attaching the post s/he is replying to rather than importing it into the text message itself. And since the replied to post is sent as an attachment, it shows up in its entirety, headers and all--and bounces because of the list address in the header.

    AOL says the subscriber must be doing this on purpose and gave no solution. Others have told us to suggest the subscriber cut and paste what she needs from the post being replied to into a new post to the list. To date, we have found no other solution to this problem.

    AOL 5.0 and Rich Text or Quoted-Printable Fix-how to send straight text posts
    Apparently, if a subscriber using AOL 5.0 sends a post with a graphic, or colored text, or different sized text, the default of "straight text" will be changed to "rich text" for that post. If you want your subscribers to send straight text posts to your list, you may have to ask that they don't format their emails to do anything fancy.

    "... by default AOL e-mail is set to send e-mails as straight text unless you have added some pictures, colors or other fonts. For example, if you change the default font size or color it will become rich text. Just have the AOL users restore their default e-mail settings. These can be changed when you are typing a message. They must use 10-point black Arial font with the normal white background and, of course, no pictures. I would also recommend not underlining, sending links, sending attachments, using itallics or bold. I am not sure which of those ascii does and doesn't support."

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