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An autopsy case of progressive generalized muscle atrophy over 14 years due to post-polio syndrome - -2015 Oki 1, Uchino A, Izumi Y, Ogawa H, Murayama S, Kaji R [ABSTRACT] - 12/01/2015
"Can't walk nor raise arms to head": Harvey Cushing's Surgical Treatment of Poliomyelitis - -2011 Pendleton C, Dorsi MJ, Belzberg AJ, Cohen-Gadol AA, Quinones-Hinojosa A [ABSTRACT] - 02/19/2011
.Wearable monitoring devices for assistive technology: case studies in post-polio syndrome - -2014 Andreoni, Mazzola, Perego, Standoli, Manzoni, Piccini, Molteni [ABSTRACT} - 02/03/2014
1 Stair Lift - stair lifts stairlift stairlifts stair chair chair lift stair chair stair glide acorn stair lifts - 02/18/2005
2A(pro) is a multifunctional protein that regulates the stability, translation and replication of poliovirus RNA - -2005 Jurgens CK, Barton DJ, Sharma N, Morasco BJ, Ogram SA, Flanegan JB (ABSRACT) - 11/22/2005
2Apro is a multifunctional protein that regulates the stability, translation and replication of poliovirus RNA - -2006 Jurgens CK, Barton DJ, Sharma N, Morasco BJ, Ogram SA, Flanegan JB [ABSTRACT] - 03/31/2006
3'-Terminal Sequence in Poliovirus Negative-Strand Templates Is the Primary cis-Acting Element Required for VPgpUpU-Primed Positive-Strand Initiation - -2005 Sharma N, O'donnell BJ, Flanegan JB. ABSTRACT - 03/03/2005
31P MRS evaluation of fatigue in anterior tibial muscle in postpoliomyelitis patients and healthy volunteers - 2003- Ljungberg M, Sunnerhagen KS, Vikhoff-Baaz B, Starck G, Forssell-Aronsson E, Hedberg M, Ekholm S, Grimby G ABSTRACT - 01/21/2004
40 years after the last polio epidemic. Postpolio syndrome as a cause of "weaning failure" - -2002 Gaul, Winterholler ABSTRACT - 08/14/2002
42 patients with post-polio syndrome. A retrospective study from Sunnaas hospital - -1991Stanghelle JK, Helseth R, Roaldsen KS, Rand-Hendriksen S. [ABSTRACT] - 12/09/2005
5 Year Follow-up of Patients With PPS - Stanghelle & Festvag 1997 Abstract 02/18/1998
A 12-month follow-up study of self-management training for people with chronic disease: are changes maintained over time? - -2005 Barlow JH, Wright CC, Turner AP, Bancroft GV [ABSTRACT] - 03/31/2006
A 15-year follow-up of neuromuscular function in patients with prior poliomyelitis - - 2005 Sorenson EJ, Daube JR, Windebank AJ ABSTRACT - 04/16/2005
A 5-year longitudinal study of fatigue in patients with late-onset sequelae of poliomyelitis - -2011 Tersteeg IM, Koopman FS, Stolwijk-Swüste JM, Beelen A, Nollet F [ABSTRACT] - 05/31/2011
A 59 year-old patient with acute anterolateral myocardial infarction, complicated by cardiogenic shock, with chest wall deformity caused by Heine-Medin disease - -2012 Arazinska A, Krecki R, Kasprzak JD [ABSTRACT] - 03/22/2012
A Brief History of Postpolio Syndrome in the United States - -2011 Halstead LS [ABSTRACT] - 06/11/2011
A case of cervical spondylotic amyotrophy resembling post-polio syndrome - -2006 Isobe T, Yaguchi H, Matsui K, Inoue K. [ABSTRACT] - 03/19/2006
A case of frog breathing (for patients with chronic poliomyelitis) - -2002 Moloney, Doyle, Kinahan, Burke ABSTRACT - 06/21/2002
A case-control study on children with Guillain-Barre syndrome in North China - -2003 Liu GF, Wu ZL, Wu HS, Wang QY, Zhao-Ri GT, Wang CY, Liang ZX, Cui SL, Zheng JD. ABSTRACT - 09/27/2003
A comparative method for finding and folding RNA secondary structures within protein-coding regions - -2004 Pedersen JS, Meyer IM, Forsberg R, Simmonds P, Hein J ABSTRACT - 10/02/2004
A comparison of 4 questionnaires to measure fatigue in postpoliomyelitis syndrome - -2004 Horemans HL, Nollet F, Beelen A, Lankhorst GJ ABSTRACT - 03/27/2004
A comparison of fatigue scales in postpoliomyelitis syndrome - -2006 Vasconcelos OM Jr, Prokhorenko OA, Kelley KF, Vo AH, Olsen CH, Dalakas MC, Halstead LS, Jabbari B, Campbell WW. [ABSTRACT] - 08/30/2006
A comparison of symptoms between Swedish and American post-polio individuals and assessment of lower limb strength--a four-year cohort study - -1995 Agre, Grimby, Rodriquez, Einarsson, Swiggu, Franke ABSTRACT - 08/16/1999
A comparison of the effects of exercise and lifestyle modification on the resolution of overuse symptoms of the shoulder in polio survivors: a preliminary study - -2002 Klein, Whyte, Esquenazi, Keenan, Costello ABSTRACT - 05/09/2002
A comparison of the neurotropism of Theiler's virus and poliovirus in CBA mice - -2006 Villarreal D, Young CR, Storts R, Ting JW, Welsh CJ. [ABSTRACT] - 08/30/2006
A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial of amantadine for the treatment of fatigue in patients with the post-polio syndrome - -1995 Stein, Dambrosia, Dalakas ABSTRACT - 08/11/1999
A hermeneutic phenomenological analysis of aging with a childhood onset disability (polio) - -2005 Harrison TC, Stuifbergen A (ABSTRACT) - 10/21/2005
A hermeneutic phenomenological analysis of aging with a childhood onset disability - -2005 Harrison TC, Stuifbergen A (ABSTRACT)post-polio - 11/16/2005
A human quadrupedal gait following poliomyelitis: From the Dercum-Muybridge collaboration (1885) - -2016 Lanska DJ [ABSTRACT] - 03/03/2016
A long-term follow-up study of patients with post-poliomyelitis neuromuscular symptoms - -1986 Dalakas, Hallett et al ABSTRACT - 08/11/1999
A method to measure the accuracy of loads in knee-ankle-foot orthoses using conventional gait analysis, applied to persons with poliomyelitis - -2008 Andrysek J, Redekop S, Matsui NC, Kooy J, Hubbard S [ABSTRACT] polio - 07/07/2008
A multicenter, randomized, double-blinded trial of pyridostigmine in postpolio syndrome - -1999 Trojan, Jubelt, Miller, Agre, Hollander, Cashman et al ABSTRACT - 08/16/1999
A Neuropsychological Study of the Postpolio Syndrome: Support for Depression Without Neuropsychological Impairment - Hazendonk, Crowe 2000 - Abstract - 05/13/2000
A new nasal mask for nocturnal home ventilation in chronic neuromuscular disorders - -1993 Klefbeck, Remmer, Weinberg, Borg ABSTRACT - 10/11/1999
A nonpolio enterovirus with respiratory tropism causes poliomyelitis in intercellular adhesion molecule 1 transgenic mice - -2004 Dufresne AT, Gromeier M. ABSTRACT - 10/02/2004
A nonpolio enterovirus with respiratory tropism causes poliomyelitis in intercellular adhesion molecule 1 transgenic mice - -2004 Dufresne AT, Gromeier M ABSTRACT - 09/12/2004
A novel endogenous erythropoietin mediated pathway prevents axonal degeneration - -2004 Keswani, Buldanlioglu, Fischer, Reed, Polley, Liang, Zhou, Jack, Leitz, Hoke [ABSTRACT] polio, Schwann cells, EPO - 01/10/2005
A patient with postpolio syndrome developed cauda equina syndrome after neuraxial anesthesia: A case report - -2017 Tseng WC, Wu ZF, Liaw WJ, Hwa SY, Hung NK ABSTRACT - 04/19/2017
A personality profile of patients diagnosed with post-polio syndrome - -1994 Clark, Dinsmore, Grafman, Dalakas ABSTRACT - 08/11/1999
A polio Memoir, by Agnes V. Axtell - excerpts from the book, info and Purchase information - 05/26/2004
A Polio Timeline: A clickable timeline from the 1700s to the present. 02/25/2001
A polymorphism in the poliovirus receptor gene differs in motor neuron disease - -2004 Saunderson R, Yu B, Trent RJ, Pamphlett R. ABSTRACT - 04/14/2004
A qualitative analysis of the meaning of aging for women with disabilities with policy implications - -2006 Harrison TC [ABSTRACT] Post-Polio - 05/25/2006
A Quantitative Comparison of Four Experimental Axillary Crutches - -1993 LeBlanc, Carlson, Nauenberg - 02/27/2001
A randomized controlled trial of coenzyme Q10 for fatigue in the late-onset sequelae of poliomyelitis - -2015 Peel MM, Cooke M, Lewis-Peel HJ, Lea RA, Moyle W [ABSTRACT] - 12/10/2015
A randomized controlled trial of IV immunoglobulin in patients with postpolio syndrome - -2013 Bertolasi L, Frasson E, Turri M, Gajofatto A, Bordignon, Zanolin, Martini, Pimazzoni, Ferlisi, Zanusso, Rossi, Monaco S [ABSTRACT] - 05/21/2013
A rat model of the post-polio motor unit. - - 2001 Pachter BR, Eberstein A. ABSTRACT - 12/11/2002
A single mutation in poliovirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase confers resistance to mutagenic nucleotide analogs via increased fidelity - 2003- Pfeiffer JK, Kirkegaard K ABSTRACT - 05/23/2003
A small yeast RNA inhibits HCV IRES mediated translation and inhibits replication of poliovirus in vivo - 2003- Liang XS, Lian JQ, Zhou YX, Nie QH, Hao CQ ABSTRACT - 05/23/2003
A structurally biased combinatorial approach for discovering new anti-picornaviral compounds - -2001 Tsang,Cheh et al ABSTRACT - 03/06/2001
A systematic review of nonrandomized controlled trials on the curative effects of aquatic exercise - -2011 Kamioka, Tsutani, Mutoh, Okuizum, Ohta et al [ABSTRACT] polio - 05/12/2011
A1 Wheelchair Lifts - a1 wheelchairs, medical supplies, wheelchair lifts, wheelchair ramps - 03/10/2005
Ability and perceived difficulty in daily activities in people with poliomyelitis sequelae - -2001 Thorne-Jonsson, Grimby ABSTRACT - 08/26/2001
Abstract Effects of resistance training in combination with coenzyme Q10 supplementation in patients with post-polio: a pilot study - 2008 Skough K, Krossén C, Heiwe S, Theorell H, Borg K [ABSTRACT] - 10/12/2008
Accessible Property Register - Find a home that suits your needs, or advertise your adapted/accessible home for sale or rent - 09/15/2003
Actual and perceived activity levels in polio survivors and older controls: a longitudinal study - -2008 Klein MG, Braitman LE, Costello R, Keenan MA, Esquenazi A. [ABSTRACT] - 02/13/2008
Adaptations by Adrian - Adaptive clothing wheelchair clothing disabled clothing - 01/14/2004
Adaptive and maladaptive motor axonal sprouting in aging and motoneuron disease - -2004 Gordon T, Hegedus J, Tam SL. ABSTRACT - 04/14/2004
Adaptive and maladaptive motor axonal sprouting in aging and motoneuron disease - -2004 Gordon T, Hegedus J, Tam SL [ABSTRACT] post-polio, Schwann cells, EPO - 04/20/2004
Adaptive Driving Alliance - Braun, Bruno, Sure-Lok, EZ Lock, Mobility Products, Design, Drive Master, Tuscany Vans, Chariot Vans, ViewPoint Mobilty, van conversions, hand controls, wheelchair lifts, scooter lifts, tie downs, conversion van rentals, paratransit, adaptive equipme - 02/08/2005
Administration of intravenous immunoglobulins in neurology : An evidence-based consensus: update 2010 - -2010 Stangel M, Gold R [ABSTRACT] polio - 07/16/2010
Advances in chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy: disease variants and inflammatory response mediators and modifiers - -1999 Dalakas ABSTRACT - 08/11/1999
Advantages and limitations of the motor unit number estimation techniques - -2004 Wang FC, Gerard P, Bouquiaux O ABSTRACT - 08/01/2004
Aerobic Exercise Training in Post-Polio Syndrome: Process Evaluation of a Randomized Controlled Trial. - -2016 Voorn EL1,2, Koopman FS1, Brehm MA1, Beelen A1, de Haan A2, Gerrits KH2, Nollet F1 [ABSTRACT] - 08/09/2016
Afectados de Polio y Sindrome Post-Polio de Madrid: Asociacion PostPolio [spanish only] - WARNING: FLASH informacion sobre polio y sindrome postpolio - 04/07/2000
Age-dependent poliovirus replication in the mouse central nervous system is determined by internal ribosome entry site-mediated translation - -2006 Kauder S, Kan S, Racaniello VR [ABSTRACT] - 03/01/2006
Aging and sequelae of poliomyelitis - -2009 Laffont I, Julia M, Tiffreau V, Yelnik A, Herisson C, Pelissier J [ABSTACT] - 12/02/2009
Aging with a disability and state vocational rehabilitation services - -2013 Brown P, Johnson K. [ABSTRACT] polio - 12/20/2013
Aging with Disability Conclusions After a Visit to the USA - Includes information on PPS and sources - 03/21/1999
Aging with disability in the workplace - -2010 Johnson KL, Brown PA, Knaster ES [ABSTRACT] polio pps - 05/27/2010
Aging With Polio - 101 - With Margaret L. Campbell, Ph.D. , summarized by Mary Clarke Atwood July 1998 - 08/19/1999
Allina Health System Sister Kenny Rehabilitation Service, Minneapolis, Minnesota 12/12/2000
Allosteric effects of ligands and mutations on poliovirus RNA-dependent RNA polymerase - -2005 Boerner JE, Lyle JM, Daijogo S, Semler BL, Schultz SC, Kirkegaard K, Richards OC ABSTRACT - 06/08/2005
AllRefer - health, diseases, conditions, medicine, nutrition, tests, surgery, procedures, news, poison, symptoms, injury - 10/03/2003
Allsup's Post Polio Social Security Disability SSI - Applying for Disability - five-step process to determine if a post-polio syndrome patient qualifies for SSDI - 01/27/2009
American Pain Foundation 03/28/2005
AMS Vans - Wheelchair Vans Nationwide - :Disability Handicap Vans Wheelchair Vans Disability Awareness Disabled Transportation disabled wheelchair accessible exceptional needs handicap transportation conversion ramp - 05/08/2006
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and other motor neuron diseases - -2003 Krivickas LS ABSTRACT - 06/13/2003
Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: differential diagnosis and frontier forms - -2007 Magistris MR [ABSTRACT] - 04/02/2007
An 8-year longitudinal study of muscle strength, muscle fiber size, and dynamic electromyogram in individuals with late polio - -1998 Grimby, G., Stalberg, E., Sandberg, A., Sunnerhagen, KS [ABSTRACT] - 03/06/2008
An Approach to the Patient with Suspected Post-Polio Syndrome - -1995 Anderson et al - 09/24/1998
An approach to understanding the mechanisms of poliovirus persistence in infected cells of neural or non-neural origin - -1998 Colbere-Garapin, Duncan, Pavio, Pelletier, Petit ABSTRACT - 11/10/1998
An authentic 3' noncoding region is necessary for efficient poliovirus replication - -2005 Brown DM, Cornell CT, Tran GP, Nguyen JH, Semler BL ABSTRACT - 09/08/2005
An ex vivo murine model to study poliovirus-induced apoptosis in nerve cells. - -2002 Couderc, Guivel-Benhassine, Calaora, Gosselin, Blondel ABSTRACT - 08/04/2002
An increase in selenium intake improves immune function and poliovirus handling in adults with marginal selenium status - -2004 Broome CS, McArdle F, Kyle JA, Andrews F, Lowe NM, Hart CA, Arthur JR, Jackson MJ ABSTRACT - 07/27/2004
An overview and categorization of dynamic arm supports for people with decreased arm function - -2013 Van der Heide LA, van Ninhuijs B, Bergsma A, Gelderblom GJ, van der Pijl DJ, de Witte LP [ABSTRACT] Polio - 08/22/2013
an untitled review? of the liturature by Grimby - - 2002 Grimby ABSTRACT - 06/10/2002
An unusual case of vaccine-associated paralytic poliomyelitis - -2014 Desai S1, Diener T2, Tan BK3, Lowry Nj4, Talukdar C5, Chrusch W6, Wiebe S [ABSTACT] - 10/10/2014
An unusual rupture of the flexor carpi radialis tendon: a case report - -2006 Polatsch DB, Foster LG, Posner MA. [ABSTRACT] - 08/04/2006
Analysis of fatigue associated to periodic limb movement during sleep in former poliomyelitis patients - -2011 Oliveira AR, Correa FI, Correa JC, Oliveira LV [ABSTRACT] - 12/22/2011
Analysis of long-standing nociceptive and neuropathic pain in patients with post-polio syndrome - -2010 Werhagen L, Borg K [ABSTRACT] - 03/31/2010
Analysis of sleep characteristics in post-polio syndrome patients - -2010 Silva TM, Moreira GA, Quadros AA, Pradella-Hallinan M, Tufik S, Oliveira AS [ABSTRACT] - 08/24/2010
Analysis of the cloverleaf element in a human rhinovirus type 14/poliovirus chimera: correlation of subdomain D structure, ternary protein complex formation and - -2003 Rieder, Xiang, Paul, Wimmer ABSTRACT - 07/19/2003
Ancient positive selection on CD155 as a possible cause for susceptibility to poliovirus infection in simians - -2006 Suzuki Y [ABSTRACT] - 03/01/2006
Andreas Christian Bull (1840-1920) and his survey of poliomyelitis - -2000 Bache ABSTRACT - 03/20/2001
Anesthesia and Poliomyelitis: A Matched Cohort Study - -2015 Van Alstine LW, Gunn PW, Schroeder DR, Hanson AC, Sorenson EJ, Martin DP [ABSTRACT] - 08/19/2015
Anesthesia and Poliomyelitis: A Matched Cohort Study - -2016 Van Alstine LW, Gunn PW, Schroeder DR, Hanson AC, Sorenson EJ, Martin DP. [ABSTRACT] - 06/24/2016
Anesthesia considerations for monitoring TCMEPs in adults diagnosed with poliomyelitis as children: a case report - -2014 Allison DW, Gertsch JH, Mahan MA, Sheean GL, Brown JM. [ABSTACT] - 05/04/2014
Anesthesia considerations for monitoring TCMEPs in adults diagnosed with poliomyelitis as children: a case report - -2014 Allison DW, Gertsch JH, Mahan MA, Sheean GL, Brown JM [ABSTACT] - 06/19/2014
Anesthesia for craniotomy in a patient with previous paralytic polio - -2008 Suneel PR, Sinha PK, Unnikrishnan KP, Abraham M [ABSTRACT] - 05/29/2008
Ankle-foot orthoses that restrict dorsiflexion improve walking in polio survivors with calf muscle weakness - -2014 Ploeger HE1, Bus SA2, Brehm MA2, Nollet F2. [ABSTACT] - 06/24/2014
Anne Carrington Gawne, MD Biography 12/23/2002
Anniversary of Polio Vaccine, Share stories, Timeline, Calendar of Events - March of Dimes WARNING, pages not disabled accessible, graphic dependent, flash, frames - 04/29/2004
Another look at polio and postpolio syndrome. - 2002 Saxon ABSTRACT 05/25/2002
Anterior ankle arthrodesis with molded plate: technique and outcomes - -2014 Gharehdaghi M, Rahimi H, Mousavian A. [ABSTACT] polio - 11/20/2014
Anterior Ankle Impingement After Tendo-Achilles Lengthening for Long-Standing Equinus Deformity in Residual Poliomyelitis - -2013 Sung KH, Chung CY, Lee KM, Lee SY, Park MS. [ABSTRACT] - 04/30/2013
Anterolateral thigh flap harvested from paralytic lower extremity in a patient with late polio sequel - -2011 Valentini V, Terenzi V, Cassoni A, Battisti A, Della Monaca M, Malavasi R [ABSTRACT] - 02/19/2011
Anti-Inflammatory and Neuroprotective Role of Natural Product Securinine in Activated Glial Cells: Implications for Parkinson's Disease - -2017 Leonoudakis D, Rane A, Angeli S, Lithgow GJ, Andersen JK, Chinta SJ1 [ABSTRACT] polio - 05/12/2017
Anti-microbial activity of a new vaginal contraceptive NIM-76 from neem oil (Azadirachta indica) - -2000 SaiRam,Ilavazhagan et al ABSTRACT - 08/16/1999
Anti-thymocyte serum delays clearance of poliovirus from the mouse central nervous system - -1989 Jubelt, Ropka, Goldfarb, Janavs ABSTRACT - 08/07/1999
Antibody-dependent induction of type I interferons by poliovirus in human mononuclear blood cells requires the type II fcgamma receptor - -2000 Palmer,Charley,Rombaut,Daeron,Lebon ABSTRACT - 01/06/2001
Antigenic evolution of vaccine-derived polioviruses: changes in individual epitopes and relative stability of the overall immunological properties - -2006 Yakovenko, Cherkasova, Rezapkin, Ivanova, Ivanov, Eremeeva, Baykova, Chumakov, Agol [ABSTRACT] - 03/01/2006
Apoptotic signaling cascades operating in poliovirus-infected cells - -2009 Blondel B, Autret A, Brisac C, Martin-Latil S, Mousson L, Pelletier I, Estaquier J, Colbere-Garapin F. [ABSTRACT] - 04/13/2009
Applicability, validity, and reliability of the piper fatigue scale in postpolio patients - -2003Strohschein FJ, Kelly CG, Clarke AG, Westbury CF, Shuaib A, Chan KM ABSTRACT - 01/25/2003
Approach to neuromuscular disorders in the intensive care unit. (polio) - -2005 Gorson KC [ABSTRACT] - 12/28/2005
Arctica: Tell Me More About Polio 02/18/1998
Are There Any New Treatments For PPS? - Jan. 1999 - From The Johns Hopkins Medical Letter HEALTH AFTER 50, House Calls - 03/19/1999
Arm-crank propelled three-wheeled chair: physiological evaluation of the propulsion using one arm and both arm patterns - -2004 Mukherjee G, Samanta A. ABSTRACT - 12/07/2004
Ask Dr K: Post-polio syndrome can affect polio survivors years later Read more: - -July 2012 Dr. Komaroff is a physician and professor at Harvard Medical School - 07/26/2012
Ask Dr. Perry: Questions, Answers & Tips about PPS - with Dr. Jacquelin Perry written by Mary Clarke Attwood 1999 - 10/09/1999
Ask NOAH: Polio & Post-Polio Syndrome 02/21/1999
Assessment and Treatment of Shoulder Dysfunction in Post-Polio and Elderly Population - 2004- Mary Klein, Alberto Esquenzi, Mary Ann Keenan - 05/21/2004
Assessment of energy expenditure in individuals with post-poliomyelitis syndrome - -2017 Pereira RD, Silva TM, Quadros AA, Orsini M, Schmidt B, Silva HC, Oliveira AS ABSTRACT polio - 04/19/2017
Assessment of Motor Units in Neuromuscular Disease - -2016 Henderson RD, McCombe PA [ABSTRACT] polio - 09/13/2016
Assessment of percutaneous V osteotomy of the calcaneus with Ilizarov application for correction of complex foot deformities - -2004 El-Mowafi H ABSTRACT (polio) - 01/29/2005
Assessment of subjective and motor fatigue in Polio survivors, attending a Postpolio clinic, comparison with healthy controls... - -2013 Murray D, Hardiman O, Meldrum D [ABSTRACT] ...and an exploration of clinical correlates - 12/20/2013
Assistance for Breathing Problems of Polio Survivors - -2001 Oppenheimer, reported by Atwood - 09/17/2001
Assistive Devices - Matsuda 1998-2001 - Describes the role of assistive devices in daily life of person with post-polio syndrome - 11/04/2001
Assistive technology and prediction of happiness in people withpost-polio syndrome - -2011 Spiliotopoulou G, Fowkes C, Atwal A [ABSTRACT] - 10/08/2011
Association d'Entraide des Polios et handicapés (French only) - GRAPHIC DEPENDENT - 03/25/2001
Association des Paralysés de France (French only) - GRAPHIC DEPENDENT - 03/25/2001
Association Polio of the Czech Republic (English & Czech) 12/21/1999
Associations between perceptions of environmental barriers and participation in persons with late effects of polio - -2009 Lund ML, Lexell J ABSTRACT - 01/16/2009
Associations between perceptions of environmental barriers and participation in persons with late effects of polio - -2009 Larsson Lund M, Lexell J [ABSTRACT] - 12/10/2009
Asymmetrical bone loss in a patient with poliomyelitis: an indication for anti-osteoporotic therapy - -2016 Ratnasingam J, Ibrahim L, Paramasivam S, Lim LL, Boon AT, Vethakkan S [ABSTRACT] - 06/20/2016
Asymmetrical hemochromatosis arthropathy in a patient with a history of poliomyelitis - -2010 Frenzen K, Schäfer C, Keyßer G. [ABSTRACT] - 01/09/2010
Augmentation of the lower leg: a new combined calf-tibial implant - -2006 Gutstein RA [ABSTRACT] polio - 03/11/2006
Axonal growth of embryonic stem cell-derived motoneurons in vitro and in motoneuron-injured adult rats - -2004 Harper, Krishnan, Darman, Deshpande, Peck, Shats, Backovic, Rothstein, Kerr ABSTRACT - 05/19/2004
Bacharach Institute for Rehabilitation, Pomona, New Jersey - Post-Polio Center - 11/10/2000
Baptist Hospital East Post-Polio Syndrome Clinic - Kentucky - - 02/18/1998
Barriers that further disablement: a study of survivors of polio - -2001 Harrison, Stuifbergen ABSTRACT - 07/31/2001
Basal Metabolic Rate and Body Composition in Patients with Post-Polio Syndrome - -2008 Bargieri JV, Quadros AA, Pereira RD, Oliveira AJ, Lazaretti-Castro M, Silva AC [ABSTRACT] - 11/29/2008
Baseline patterns of bone scintigraphy in patients with established post-poliomyelitis paralysis - -2009 Marafi FA, Al-Said Ali A, Esmail AA, Elgazzar AH [ABSTRACT] - 07/15/2009
Bath-Time Mobility, UK: Bath Lifts and Walk in Bath - BathTub, disability, bath lifts, showers accessories, - 08/20/2005
BBC Radio Interview with Hilary Hallam - May 12th, 2000 RAM File - ram file, must have RealPlayer to access & limited bandwidth,so try again if you can't get it. - 05/19/2000
Beaumont Hospital, Dublin, Ireland - Has a Post-Polio Clinic - WARNING: MULTI-FRAMES - 01/18/2001
Belated diagnosis of medullar compression in a case of post-polio syndrome - -2001 Boulay, Hamonet, Galaup, Djindjian, Montagne, Vivant ABSTRACT - 10/23/2001
Bi-level positive airway pressure ventilation maintains adequate ventilation in post-polio patients with respiratory failure. - -2006 Gillis-Haegerstrand C, Markstrom A, Barle H. - 04/30/2006
Bi-level positive airway pressure ventilation reduces the oxygen cost of breathing in long-standing post-polio patients on invasive home mechanical ventilation - -2005 Barle H, Soderberg P, Haegerstrand C, Markstrom A ABSTRACT - 02/23/2005
Big Picture Book of Viruses - Picornaviruses [polio virus] 02/07/1999
Bilateral Custom-fit Total Knee Arthroplasty in a Patient With Poliomyelitis - -2014 Tardy N, Chambat P, Murphy CG, Fayard JM [ABSTRACT] - 10/30/2014
Bilateral lower limb polio, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, and recurrent acute coronary syndrome in a poly tobacco user: A preventable triple tragedy - -2013 Aggarwal R, Dwivedi S. [ABSTRACT] - 08/02/2013
Biochemical and Genetic Studies of the VPg Uridylylation Reaction Catalyzed by the RNA Polymerase of Poliovirus - -2002 Paul AV, Peters J, Mugavero J, Yin J, Van Boom JH, Wimmer E. ABSTRACT - 12/30/2002
Biographical truths and their clinical consequences: Understanding 'embodied memories' in a third psychoanalysis with a traumatized patient recovered from sever - 2008 Leuzinger-Bohleber M [ABSTRACT] - 01/16/2009
Biological Link Between Pain And Fatigue Discovered - -2008 Science Daily re: A recent University of Iowa study, CFS, Fibr, PPS - 04/09/2008
Biomechanical effect of electromechanical knee-ankle-foot-orthosis on knee joint control in patients with poliomyelitis - -2008 Hwang S, Kang S, Cho K, Kim Y [ABSTRACT] - 02/13/2008
Bladder symptoms among polio survivors - -2013 Kay L, Bertelsen M [ABSTRACT] - 05/23/2013
Boca Area (Florida) Post Polio Group - Support group - 03/01/2011
Body composition assessment in taiwanese individuals with poliomyelitis - -2011 Chang KH, Lai CH, Chen SC, Hsiao WT, Liou TH, Lee CM [ABSTRACT] - 06/28/2011
Body mass index and waist circumference in persons aging with muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, post-polio syndrome, and spinal cord injury - -2012 Alschuler, Gibbons, Rosenberg, Ehde, Verrall, Bamer, Jensen [ABSTRACT] - 06/26/2012
Bottleneck-mediated quasispecies restriction during spread of an RNA virus from inoculation site to brain - -2006 Pfeiffer JK, Kirkegaard K [ABSTRACT] polio - 03/31/2006
Braces, wheelchairs, and iron lungs: the paralyzed body and the machinery of rehabilitation in the polio epidemics - -2005 Wilson DJ ABSTRACT - 05/23/2005
Brain Volume and Fatigue in Post-Poliomyelitis Syndrome Patients - -2013 Trojan DA, Narayanan S, Francis SJ, Caramanos Z, Robinson A, Cardoso M, Arnold DL [ABSTRACT] - 09/27/2013
Breathless by Robert Mauro - Ragged Edge Article May/June 2000 - 09/08/2000
Brief History of Polio 03/15/2001
British Polio Fellowship - Scottish Polio Fellowship - Scotland - 07/27/2009
British Polio Fellowship - forums, chat, information - 02/18/1998
Bulbar Polio & Carpal Tunnel - Mary Westbrook 1999 01/22/1999
Bundesverband Polio e.V. [German only] - Informationen über Polio und Das Post-Polio-Syndrom - 09/28/2000
BV Polio & PostPolio Info - German 02/18/1998 - online drugs,online pharma - 10/10/2005
Cancer risk in a cohort of polio patients - -2001 Nielsen NM, Wohlfahrt J, Aaby P, Hjalgrim H, Pedersen CB, Askgaard DS, Melbye M ABSTRACT - 12/20/2001
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Enabling Technologies - custom crutches, adjustable crutches, titanium crutches, sherperds crutch, aluminum crutch, gel-filled grips, Performance Grip, Tornado Tip, Performance Tip, Superlite, Outriggers, Bi-Unique, BiSki - 08/03/2006
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Free Medical Journals: Many Publications already available - Within the next 3 years, the most important medical journals will be avalable online, free and in full-text - 06/21/2000
Free Medicine Program - helping patients in obtaining prescription drugs absolutely free of charge - 10/19/2003
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Group training in a pool causes ripples on the water: experiences by persons with late effects of polio - -2002 Willen C, Scherman ABSTRACT - 08/31/2002
Groupe Français de liaison et d'information post-polio (French only) - "They quote Halstead book extensively, they give names of doctors in different places, they have an article on psychology where a psychologist (PPS) mentions these A-type thing but dismisses as American silliness , give administrative info about rights and such" - 03/25/2001
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Guidelines for People Who Have Had Polio (French) NEED FREE ADOBE TO ACCESS - -2001 International Conference on Post-Polio Syndrome, Held May 2000 - 11/23/2002
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Herbal Treatment for Polio - very little info on the treatment, and call for financial help - 05/26/1999
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Viola "Granny The Chronic Comic" Pahl - Stories about having had polio, mostly humorous.. great site! - 08/25/2004
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Website of The Polio Outreach of Connecticut - support education post-polio syndrome - 04/13/2005
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Western Arms - canes walking staffs walking sticks gentlemens canes - 09/05/2002
Western New York Polio Survivors Support Group 10/06/1998
What About If We Need The (Polio) Virus Later? - 1999 Eddie Bollenbach - 04/23/1999
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Whatever happened to Polio? - Smithsonian National Museaum of American History - 04/14/2005
Wheelchair Vans Classifieds USA - Used Handicapped Equipped Vehicle: Wheelchair Accessible: Handicap Vans: Mobility Vans - 11/07/2006
When Machines Do The Breathing - 1999 Kurtzweil - vent ventilator - 12/01/2000
WHO: The Global Polio Eradication Initiative 03/16/1999
Why Bipolar Disorder and Epilepsy Research Has Helped Post-Polio Syndrome - -2012 Eddie Bollenbach Prof. Edward P. Bollenbach - 03/18/2012
Why PPS Is So Hard To Understand - Oct. 1999, from a post by Eddie Bollenbach to the PPMed email list - 10/27/1999
Why We Aren't Research Orphans Despite Little Research on Polio - 2011 Prof. Edward P. Bollenbach - Eddie Bollenbach - 02/01/2011
Wichita Clinic - Kansas - FRAMES - 09/15/1998
Wildrose Polio Support Society - Post-Polio Support Group for the Northern Half of Alberta Canada - 06/05/2004
Winging Scapula description, info - Information about Winging Scapula, Weakness or Paralysis of the Sarratus Anterior Muscle which can be cause by polio - 03/11/2000
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