Pre-Travel Check List

   Retract TV antenna
   Turn off water heater
   Turn off water pump
   Turn off furnace
   Turn off range pilot
   Close cooktop cover
   Close roof vents
   Close all doors, drawers and windows
   Put away pots, pans, dishes
   Check refrigerator for things that can spill
   Lock refrigerator door
   Find yer sun glasses

   Disconnect water, electrical, drain lines, TV/telephone cable
   Lock awning
   Lock storage compartments
   Check front grill for heavy bug accumulation
   Check roof top carrier (if installed)
   Remove blocks from wheels
   Check wheel nut torque
   Close LPG valve
   Check LPG tank level
   Check hitch and hitch ball (if installed)
   Check tires ('Thump' before each trip - check pressure periodically)
   Check battery water
   Check pressure in air bags (air springs)
   Check running lights, turning signals, headlights
   Check brakes, brake fluid, brake lights
   Check cooling system reservoir
   Check windshield wipers & washer fluid level
   Retract step

CHECK LIST -- Shore Kit
   Sewer hose
   Screw-in sewer adapter
   Water hose
   Spare water hose washers
   TV cable
   Telephone cable
   Water bucket for washing RV/Windshield
   Windshield squeegee
   Windshield cleaner
   Holding tank chemicals
   Front door mat

CHECK LIST -- Tool Box
   Jumper cables
   Tire pressure gauge
   Battery water
   Wooden mallet ('thumper')

CHECK LIST -- Household Goods & Consumables

  •    Food - Beverages

  •     Bread
        (add as needed)

  •    Galley

  •     Matches or starter
        Paper plates, cups
        Can opener
        Bottle opener
        Liquid detergent
        (add as needed)

  •    Toiletries - personal

  •     Bath soap
        Wash cloths
        Bath towels
        (add as needed)

  •    Clothing

  •     (add as needed)

  •    Sleeping Gear

  •     (add as needed)

  •    Relaxing - Entertainment

  •     (add as needed)

  •    Sports

  •     (add as needed)

  •    Miscellaneous

  •     Insect repellent
        First aid kit
        Road maps
        Campground directory
        Camera & film
        Sun glasses
        Sewing kit
        Clothes hangers
        1 gallon fresh water
        Telephone handset
        (add as needed)

    (1) Always store heavy food & dishware in lower cabinets, drawers.
    (2) Hold liquid food containers in place with heavier canned goods.
    (3) Buy a small palm size tape recorder (dictaphone) for recording notes, places of interest, mileage, things to buy, etc....
    (4) Always carry a jug of fresh water for emergencies.
    (5) Generators must be run under load. To test generator, after RV is road ready I run generator to make coffee 'for the road'...
    (6) Use double-sided tape (carpet tape) to hold in place throw rugs, mats, 'doilies'. etc.

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