Frequently Asked Questions

What is SOLO-NET...?

SOLO-NET is a private Internet e-mail network exclusively for widows, widowers, divorced and single by choice. We are RV, camping and outdoor enthusiasts who communicate via the Internet solely for entertainment, companionship and support for singles who travel alone.

What is the cost of a subscription to SOLO-NET...?

Nothing.....! Subscription to SOLO-NET is absolutely FREE.....!

Is SOLO-NET like "Penpals" ... ?

Not exactly. We're not a 'one-on-one' penpals sort of thing. Messages posted to the network are immediately sent to ALL members simultaneously. Thus, SOLO-NET is like an open forum, a room full of people, where everyone "hears" what everyone else is "saying" and anyone may join in any "conversation" and add her/his own comments. Our members include singles from all parts of the United States and Canada so "conversation" is lively, informative and very entertaining.

Who owns SOLO-NET...?

No one actually "owns" SOLO-NET. The network is a private e-mail network requiring a special Internet e-mail distribution facility called a "List Server". The List Server for SOLO-NET until Nov 1st, 2005 was provided by St. Johns University at NYC who offered this service free of charge but closed down their list hosting so Solo-Net is now hosted by Yahoo.
OK, so who runs SOLO-NET...?
SOLO-NET is managed by a "List Administrator" who manages the Technical aspects of the network. The network is an "Un-Moderated" network meaning there is no editing or censoring of any kind. The List Server receives all messages exactly as an ordinary subscriber. There can be more than one List Administrator and List Administrators can be changed anytime within minutes of posting the necessary notice(s).
Why don"t I see SOLO-NET advertised...?
We do not advertise publicly because SOLO-NET is exclusively for widow, widowers, divorced and single by choice. Therefore, advertising is limited to newsletters and "bulletin boards" of just those Singles RV Clubs and Senior organizations who support our particular lifestyle and position in life. We want to avoid commercial advertisers, "spammers" or anyone who might target the lone traveler.
What equipment/software is needed to participate in SOLO-NET...?
If you already have a computer and an Internet Provider then there is nothing else needed to participate in SOLO-NET. Use your existing e-mail program, browser and Internet Server just as you do with any other person or activity. SOLO-NET mail is just like any other e-mail except only subscribers receive SOLO-NET mail or can see Solo-Net email on the group's web pages.
Does SOLO-NET conduct "campouts", meetings, luncheons, etc. ...?
No, we do not hold "campouts" or meetings. We gather strictly in "cyberspace". However, our members may discuss campout schedules and upcoming events for their particular club and very often will use the network to arrange caravans, meetings and get-to-gethers.
So, what do you talk about...?
While the general focus is on the RV lifestyle and camping in general, members talk just about any and everything including exchanging camping ideas, RV tips, gossip, upcoming events, 'pot-luck' ideas, favorite campgrounds, and anything in good taste of general interest to the membership. Please understand however, we are not a "matchmaking" or dating organization so flirtatious behavior is strictly forbidden.
Are messages edited before appearing on SOLO-NET ... ?
Absolutely not..... SOLO-NET is an "un-moderated" network. The List Administrator receives a copy of all messages just like an ordinary subscriber. However, the List Administrator has the facility to change an individual subscriber's status to "moderated" (meaning edited before release) or to prevent him/her from posting (read only) or to un-subscribe if that becomes necessary.
How many messages will I receive in a day ... ?
Varies .... Daily volume can be as little as 3-6 (weekends) or as many as 30-40 or more some days ... ! The present List Administrator does not impose any restrictions as to daily message volume. There are other ways to handle daily message volume if that should become a problem.
What are the qualifications for subscribing to SOLO-NET...?
You must state that, (1) You are Single or you travel as single, (2) If you are a member of a singles only RV or camping club or an organization specifically for widows, widowers, divorced or single by choice, (3) You will not disclose names/addresses of members to anyone outside SOLO-NET, (4) You understand that commercial advertising is not permitted, (5) Flirtatious behavior is strictly forbidden, and, (6) Foul and/or abusive language absolutely will not be tolerated. (7) Subscribers will not post 'chain letters', so-called 'virus warnings', promotional schemes, or any message that contain multiple addresses, or any message where the originator and addressee is not clearly identified. (8) Flaming and trolling is strictly forbidden. Trolls=people who join a list just to disrupt it. Flames=posts that attribute or question motive to people's posts or attack them [or their mothers] personally. (9) Preaching/proselytizing is also forbidden. This so the list won't be used to convert people overtly to a person's religion, politics or other ways of thinking or to use those things to post judgements of people through the list.
Must I own an RV to join SOLO-NET ... ?
No...... Any single adult may join SOLO-NET. Many of our subscribers do not travel at all, some travel by car and/or commercial air and some are 'tenters' while others are still in wish stage and yet others in remembering stage.
Must I be a member of a Singles RV Club ... ?
No...... Nor does the List Administrator encourage anyone to join any particular RV Club.
How do I subscribe to SOLO-NET...?
Because it is a private network, subscriptions can only be approved by a List Administrator. This is a precautionary procedure for keeping out 'spammers' and commercial advertisers. Go to the list Rules & Subscription page.
How do I begin participating in SOLO-NET...?
Shortly after receiving notice that you are subscribed you will begin receiving messages from the network or be able to view them in the archives. You will receive these messages each time you turn on your computer and check your e-mail in-box unless you have your subscription set to read the posts on the messages web pages only. Messages come to you automatically - just like receiving your daily newspaper except that individual messages are sent to your in-box throughout the day rather than all at once. You can check your in-box or the messages web pages anytime and as often as you like. You may also post messages anytime and as often as you like.
How do I address messages to SOLO-NET...?
A special address, called the "List Address", will be provided to you when you subscribe. When you use the special List Address, your message is automatically sent to all subscribers simultaneously. You must understand that this is not a "one-on-one" penpal sort of exchange. All subscribers receive a copy of each and every message.
How do I reply or add my comments to a message I receive...?
Messages you receive will have the sender's name or yahoo nickname and the list's address in the "From:" line. When you use your e-mail program "Reply" function or the REPLY on the web, your reply will automatically go to the network, NOT to the personal e-mail address shown on the message.

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