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Introducing a new e-mail network for single Recreational Vehicle, outdoor and camping enthusiasts. The network, called SOLO-NET, is strictly a volunteer non-profit internet discussion group offered exclusively to widows, widowers, divorced and single by choice.

SOLO-NET is a member only private Internet e-mail network for exchanging ideas, information, gossip, upcoming events, 'pot-luck' ideas, favorite campgrounds, and any and everything in good taste of general interest to the membership. Please understand however, we are not a 'matchmaking' or 'dating' organization -- we communicate over the Internet solely for companionship and support for adult minded singles who live and/or travel alone.

Subscription to SOLO-NET is FREE.......! Once subscribed you will begin receiving messages distributed over the 'network' each time you check your e-mail in-box. You may reply to any message and you may post a new message at any time using the special "List Address" (to be provided). Within seconds your messages are automatically distributed to all other subscribers. Replies to messages are similarly distributed to all subscribers. Thus, the Network works like an open forum -- a way of sharing ideas and interesting conversation just like sitting around the campfire at "Happy Hour".

SOLO-NET is a private independent network not affiliated with any other club or organization. It was started and is administered by me, a widower and retired computer programmer. Our membership include folks from all existing Singles RV Clubs, LOW, LOA, RVW, Escapees, RVA, SI, WIN, etc...... (NOTE: Membership in any club is not required for joining SOLO-NET).

If you are a single adult and would like to join us would you please go to The Rules & Subscription Page.

PLEASE STATE THAT YOU ARE, (1) Single or travel alone, (2) If you are a member of a singles only RV or camping club or an organization specifically for widows, widowers or single by choice, (3) You will not disclose names/addresses of members to anyone outside SOLO-NET, (4) You understand that commercial advertising is not permitted, (5) Flirtatious behavior is strictly forbidden, (6) Foul and/or abusive language absolutely will not be tolerated, and, (7) Subscribers will not post 'chain letters', so-called 'virus warnings', promotional schemes, or any message that contain multiple addresses, or any message where the originator and addressee is not clearly identified. (8) Flaming and trolling is strictly forbidden. Trolls=people who join a list just to disrupt it. Flames=posts that attribute or question motive to people's posts or attack them [or their mothers] personally. (9) Preaching/proselytizing is also forbidden. This so the list won't be used to convert people overtly to a person's religion, politics or other ways of thinking or to use those things to post judgements of people through the list.

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